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High Team Performance  – don’t arises by accident!

Do you believe that team performance just happens? … by occasion or even by order? We hope you don’t!

It’s not a coincidence that high productivity and performance of teams are linked to required workfunctions, matching work preferencies, complementary skills, suitable expertise and last but not least high job satisfaction! The question is how could you bring all factors together?

Building team performance in a systematic way:

Prof. Dick McCann and Prof. Charles Margerison, co-founders of TMS Team Management Systems, put all elements together, evaluated tools and techniques for succesful teambuilding  scientifically and made their holistic approach available only to educated and certified team advisors applying to the strongest quality and ethical metrics. The key to success is a structured process starting with an analysis of the current team performance ref. to required work functions, skills, work preferencies and corresponding overlaps or shortfalls. From there team leaders can re-allocate work to suitable staff, adjust or re-design processes and install (new) respnsabilites. Bottom line team performance is a journey that re-starts with every little change a team has to face. But you can install a revolving process to develop high team performance in every team!

As worldwide certified and accredited advisors and coaches for TMS Team Management Systems (Margerison/McCann) we don’t leave teambuilding to chance!

The Business Navigators  have full access to the complete TMS suite of evaluated  tools and techniques to lead teams and organizations to peak performing units. Completed by the Team performance Check-up (Drexler/Sibbet) we bring your teams on the right track, initiate and support the team developing cycle:

  • Forming
  • Storming
  • Norming
  • Performing
  • Adjourning

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Our TMS Accreditation certificates:

TMS Accreditation R. MilzAkkreditierung Team Performance Practitioner 1TMS Accreditation K. Haake