Interim Management

Interim Management

Interim Management – Professional Firefighter for your business!

If your business catch the fire don’t call 911! Call the Business Navigators as your personal firefighters!

With our Interim Management services we support you successful when

  • quick and focused crisis management is needed!
  • vacancies due to vacation, illness or dismissal/leave of absence need to be filled until a final solution has been found!
  • bigger projects or large-scale orders unexpectedly occure!
  • special expertise is missing!

Interim Management – Myths or Truths:

An interim manager is mostly overqualified!Yes!
And he or she better should! Hiring an overqualified interim manager is probably the very best you could d0. Because this means 2 invaluable advantages for you: expertise and speed!

  • Expertise, knowledge and experience let the interim manager dive deep into your business and tind out the true challenges and issues you face. The interim manager sees the big picture and knows how to find appropriate solutions.
  • Speed cuts down boarding time! Within 2 or 3 days the interim manager has identified what and how needs to be done. Dedicated methods, tools and techniques speed up processes and simplify interaction with stakeholders in all areas and on all levels.

An interim manager stays far to long!No!
An excellent interim manager needs the reputation to be successful based on three metrics:

  • Effectivity will be measured to deliver the agreed results in the right quality!
  • Efficiency  will be measured on the best usages of resources including time!
  • Climate will be measured on his skills to align people, interact with stakeholders and not leaving scorched earth behind!

An interim manager has no company insights! – YES!
And that’s precisely the advantage of an interim manager. He has no career ambitions, no dependencies, no fear of the truth. So the interim manager is able to dig deep in the mud keeping on asking the „nasty“ questions. And by the way, an excellent interim manager gives constantly a 360° feedback – open, respectful and esteeming!

An interim manager has no dedicated industry background! – YES & NO!
Whether you should hire someone with or without a dedicated industry background depends on the  mission. You should take into consideration that each industry follows specific rules, regulations and ways of thinking. If new ideas, out of the box thinking creative and innovative ideas are needed, you should hire someone from the outer space. Anyhow some industry knowledge would not harm!

Interim Management is too expensive! – NO!
Not if he or she delivers on agreed objectives within agreed time limits. On average an interim manager charges per day 1% of the total all in annual salary of the owner of the vacant position. Your return on investment increases the longer the position stays vacant, work stays undone, business keeps being lost. Bottom line it’s a question of sharp calculation.

Areas of Service for our Interim Management Services

  • Professional Management as stand-in C-Level Officers
    • CEO Chief Executive Officer,
    • COO Chief Operating Officer,
    • CMO Chief Marketing Officer,
    • CCO Chief Commercial Officer
    • CRCO Chief Restructuring & Change Officer
  • Marketing & CRM Management
    • Team leadership
    • Marketing project management
  • Change Management & Restructuring Projects
    • Project management
    • Moderation & facilitation
    • Coaching
    • Stakeholder management

Don’t waste time in case of urgency: CALL NOW a professional interim manager!