Facilitator for Executive Meetings

Do you really need a professional facilitator for your executive meetings? Maybe you should consider this:


Why do executives meet? Because they have to execute!

But here comes the reality:

Executives often …

  • focus more on the screen of their electronic devices than what happens in the meeting room. It’s so much more important what the last e-mail message has to say, right?
  • fight each other instead of cooperating. It’s a question of power not of the best result, right?
  • follow their own hidden agenda. It’s not about the success of the company, but about the executive’s one, right?
  • don’t listen to others. It’s just about their own interests, right?
  • don’t follow the agenda, talk about a.o.b. without preparation, don’t stick to the time schedule. It’s just about beeing flexible, right?

If executive meetings don’t drive execution the business case runs out of the rudder. Let’s pretend  10 senior managers (worth  3,000 $/day each) meet for one day to take strategic decisions, and they miss the point … – there is no better way to waste time, money and resources! If they have to meet again the company just wasted roughly estimated 30,000 $ plus T&E costs. If they take appropriate decisions in the next meeting, this will cost your company more than double than it should have!

Book a professional facilitator!

So wouldn’t it be smart to benefit from a professional facilitator with a proven track record as C-level executive who

  • is able to tame the beasts?
  • comes across on equal footing?
  • has all the tools and techniques to lead discussion, structure the outcome and arrange a mutual understanding and commitment on decisions?
  • let participants not leave the meeting room without an action plan with clear tasks, responsibilities and timelines?

If you want to take smart actions on your executive meetings because a professional facilitator could make it happen: CALL NOW!