Change Team

Your Business Navigators:

Change Manager

Change Manager – Katrin Haake & Raimund Milz!

As experienced change consultants we navigate you through the roughest seas of your business. We won’t stop until you reach the safe harbor. But please take into account that we prefer a very hands on, you may say kind of informal way of working. We usually don’t wear costumes, suits & ties, we don’t talk gibberish or geek-speak and we like to have fun at work even when times get rough. Anyhow we know what we are talking about and how to find appropriate solutions. And if not … – we either know someone who can or we just shut up!

Katrin, the creative incubator and experienced marketing leader, finds with Raimund her perfect match eked by his strategic thinking and organizational skills. Both contribute excellent interaction and communication skills on all company levels and serve with all their experience as role models for inspirational leadership. Open minded and without any bias Katrin and Raimund strive for succesful change projects in international and multicutural environments.

With our complementary skills, expertise and instruments we are the perfect multi-tool to build you strategy, drive the change and align your leadership team, staff and further stakeholders.

What you can expect from us:

  • We don’t write studies with hundreds of pages about things you already know.
  • Nevertheless we quickly dig deep in the mud to get the right understanding what’s really going on with your business.
  • We keep asking the „nasty“ questions and we insist on clear and appropriate answers.
  • We roll on our sleeves and get things done!

What we are standing for:

  • Comitment for excellence
  • Integrity & reliability
  • Curiosity & ability to learn
  • Strategic and analytical problem solving skills
  • Inspiring & convincing key notes to all kind of audiences

If you want to benefit from our complentary skills and expertise don’t hesitate: CALL NOW!