Change Management

Start the future now! Drive the change!

Getting started

navigation at work

Navigation at work stands for our holistic 360° approach on change and contains 3 key elements:

  • Change Strategy
    • As a starter developing a promising strategy determines targets, roadmaps/action plans and success metrics
  • HR and organizational development
    • On the next stage people beeing obliged to execute the strategy need to be motivated and  enabled, maybe educated and trained to do so.
    • The organizational set up needs specific adjustments to provide the company with the approriate framework.
  • Marketing & Sales
    • Change wouldn’t makes any sense if it won’t cause any economic benefit.
    • Now it’s all about customers and selling products and services.

Change managed by Germans with structure & passion – that’s no contradiction!

The most important emotion to drive change is basically anger. There’s no fundamental change or social or political revolution that could have taken place without people beeing angry about circumstances and environment they were living in. In business life anger is not constructive and productive!

What your business needs instead is

  1. Passion for your business!
  2. Motivation to start the change process!
  3. Discipline to accomplish your change goals!

But that’s not sufficient – to reach the safe port your business needs a clear direction, a sophisticated action plan and structured processes to execute. And that’s what Germans usually do!

But we are different: navigation at work stands for a combination of structure with passion and fun! For more than 60 years and in particular since the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 we prove that change managed by Germans is one of the most exciting success stories of the business world.

Change Management based on our long-term expertise as C-Level Executives

We are not just consultants with no clue of the real business and corporate life! Based on our proven track records as experienced business leaders in large corporations like i.e Visa international, GE Capital/GE Money, VHV Insurance Group or SEB Group we identify your strategic goals, drive your strategic initiatives and just get your business on the right track!

Once we know where to go, we determine together with you and your team the right and appropriate course to get there. If there are alternative routes the choice is yours ref. to time, costs, resources etc. But than we will roll on our sleeves, clap on all sail and navigate the vessel into the future – what ever it takes!


Change tools & techniques

Tools & Techniques for Change

Over the course of the last 25 years we learned sometimes painful what tools and techniques work and which ones don’t. So today our toolbox contains instruments and techniques with a proven track record for successful change, like i.e.

  • Team Performance Check-up (Drexxler/Sibbet)
    • Team Status Analysis
  • TMS Team Management Systems (Margerison/McCann)
    • Building high performing teams and units
  • C-Tran Customer Centricity Transformation (GE University, Crotonville/NY)
    • Building customer centric organizations
  • Six Sigma Green Belt (GE Six Sigma Institute, Crotonville/NY)
    • Process design
  • CAP Change Acceleration Process (GE University, Crotonville/NY)
    • Integrated instruments to bring change up to speed
  • Leadership in Times of Crisis (Pro:AKTIV Akademie, Munich)
    • Align strategy, people and actions when times get rough

Formats & Settings

There is no one-size-fits-all or unisex in our work! Every project is different and shows its individual challenges. Our credo is: „It’s not about us! It’s all about You! It’s only about our customers!“ Referring to the famous marketing wisdom „form follows function“ we develop the right format and setting made-to-measure only for your project:

  • Executive Advice & Coaching
  • Strategy Workshops
    • Building sustainable strategies with your (extended) senior management team
  •  Change Conferences
    • Bringing the whole organization on track
  • World Café
    • Interactive sessions for large groups to get everybody involved and get part of the process
  • RTSC Real Time Strategic Change
    • Interactive format to overcome hurdles and resistance against change
  • Individual settings
    • What ever your specific situation requires – we build the right format for you

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