Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Open questions – and no answers?

Climbing up the career ladder many leaders find out that it’s quite lonely at the top. Giant workload, fast developing markets, economic risks and long-range decisions trigger the daily business of top managers.¬† What’s missing is the confident dialogue with a partner who comes across on equal footing, with honest and open feedback, impulses for new ideas – a counterpart with no hidden agenda! Executive Coaching is not about advice from an expert! Executive Coaching is about intellectual exchange to find appropriate solutions for the challenges of your business and private life.

Sparring Partners with Experience

Katrin and Raimund  look back on up to 30 years in business and more than 50 years of Life experience with all ups and downs. We know what you are talking about und understand your drivers and obstacles. Because we went through most of it personally, we know first-hand what it means if i.e.

  • peers, collegues and staff won’t cooperate!
  • officers and directors have hidden agendas and fight only for their own good!
  • jobs and existences face a rocky future!
  • sparking ideas and innovation are missing!
  • friends and families crashes!

The good news is: We didn’t only go through those heavy situations, we found appropriate solutions for us! Knowing that there is no „one size fits all“ solution for all challenges, we don’t recommend our own solutions for your challenges! But what we do in our executive coaching is walking you through a structured process to find the solution appropriate for you. And we take into account that you are a very busy person:

Space for Executive Coaching

Time and location of executive coaching respond to your individual requirements and work schedule:

  • Off-Site
    • wherever you are able to focus on your individual challenges without any disruption (i.e. at the cozy roof-top arena of our office)
  • On-the-road
    • beeing at your side while you are travelling (car, plaine, train or at your business hotel)
  • Off-duty
    • beeing at your side while you are enjoying leasure times or hobbies (golfing, hiking, sailing);
    • informal and casual, but extremely intend and compulsory
  • Schadowing-on-the-job
    • at your workplace – without ostentation but very intent.
  • On-the-go
    • if you need a very quick response
    • by phone, skype or video conference

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