Raimund Milz

Change Leader, Executive Advisor & Coach, Facilitator, Key-Note-Speaker

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Raimund Milz, Co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer & Legal Counsel

If you really want do drive the change for your business or as a person Raimund Milz might be your best counterpart, because there is specifically one feature that really helps to reach the targets: Experience!

With almost 30 years in business Raimund Milz was involved in more than 20  giant change projects and M&A transactions in multiple roles and positions.  His proven track record contains leadership positions like i.e. General Manager, Member of the Board of Directors or Deputy CEO in large multinational organisations like German Postbank, Visa International/Visa Germany or GE Capital/GE Money and advisory functions like i.e. Legal Counsel or Business Consultant. With all his experience Raimund Milz is the strategic brain of Business Navigatoren GmbH and just brings strategies to execution.

As the COO of the company Raimund Milz is responsible for all central functions like HR, Legal or Operations and leads all activities of our daily business.

From building holistically customer centric organizations to post merger integration of aquired or merged corporations Raimund Milz has succesfully contributed to almost all kind of change projects with multi-industrial background (i.e. finance, automotive, consumer goods, retail, food etc.).

In his advisory activities Raimund Milz emphasises on the following key areas:

Leadership & strategic entrepreneurship

  • Business Strategy
  • Corporate Culture
  • Leadership
  • Teambuilding for Executive Management Teams
  • Change Acceleration
  • Post Merger Integration
  • Turn Around Management

HR & organizational development

  • Developing  high performing teams
  • Building customer centric organizations
  • Trainings and lectures on Rhetoric & Elucation, communication and presentations skills

Marketing & sales

  • Business Development
  • Strategic sales and negociations

First Class Facilitator

Finally if you don’t want to miss the point or waste time and money  you might want to benefit from Raimund’s experience as a first choice facilitator of

  • Board meetings
  • strategy conferences
  • Workshops and Trainings
  • conflict resolution & de-escalation management

Inspiring Key Notes

  • Drive the change!
  • Strategic entrepreneurship
  • Leaders need followers!
  • Success is no usually no accident!
  • Teams do not perform just by order of the boss!

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TMS Accreditation R. Milz                          Certificate C-TRAN:GE.